Finnish Government nominated Henna Virkkunen as candidate for EU Commissioner

On Thursday 4 July, the Finnish Government nominated Licentiate of Philosophy Henna Virkkunen as Finland’s national candidate for the European Commission, to be appointed for the term 1 November 2024–31 October 2029.

Henna Virkkunen was Member of the Finnish Parliament from 2007 to 2014. In 2008–2011 she served as Minister of Education, 2011–2014 as Minister of Public Administration and Local Government and in 2014 as Minister of Transport and Local Government. She has been Member of the European Parliament since 2014. Her positions in the European Parliament include service in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy ITRE and the Committee on Transport and Tourism TRAN. She has also chaired the EPP Group SME Circle. Besides these, Virkkunen holds numerous public and other positions of trust. 

The appointment of the new Commission starts with the election of the President of the Commission. The new President will discuss with the Member States about their national candidates for Commissioners and decide on the policy areas they will be responsible for. The European Parliament will hear the candidates and will give its consent to the appointment of the Commission as a body by means of a vote. After that, the European Council will appoint the Commission.

According to the EU Treaty, the members of the Commission shall be chosen on the ground of their general competence and European commitment from persons whose independence is beyond doubt. The members of the Commission are required to perform their duties in the general interest of the Union. One Commissioner will be elected from each Member State.

Henna Virkkunen - Kokoomus