Kaikkien aikojen Henna. Hyvinä ja vaikeina aikoina.
Henna Virkkunen

Good times and bad.

Difficult times require strong actors. Two terms in the European Parliament and over 17 years in the center of domestic politics provide a solid foundation of experience to continue working for Finland and a democratic Europe for for the future. I want to offer my experience to all Finns. I want to work to guarantee a free and united Europe, in all times.

Henna Virkkunen ja Roberta Metsola

Guarantor of a
Free Europe

We live in challenging times; both as individuals and also as Europeans. Our continent’s values are at risk. When dark winds blow, we need unwavering decision-makers who dare to take action.

Ilmakuva eurooppalaisesta kaupungista - ai-kuva

A Stable and Prosperous

Instead of restricting the ability to create innovations that increase economic growth, we need to encourage them. The fate of humanity cannot be solved only by what has already been used in the past.

Suomalaista järvimaisemaa - ai-kuva

Continent of

It is also up to us what decisions are taken and what kind of a future is created for Europe. The Parliament needs decision-makers with experience, vision, and courage to tackle challenges.

Henna Virkkunen - Kokoomus