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A Stable and Prosperous

Instead of restricting the ability to create innovations that increase economic growth, we need to encourage them. The fate of humanity cannot be solved only by what has already been used in the past.

The future is decided today

Finland has been a member of the EU for almost 30 years, and all the while, we’ve viewed the EU as our window to the West. With NATO membership, we can not only breathe a sigh of relief but also finally admit to being a fully-fledged Western country, with rights and, in addition, responsibilities towards our own institutions and their future. It is also up to us what decisions are taken and what kind of a future is shaped for Europe.

Long-standing EU membership has also been a security policy choice for Finland. And no wonder – the EU has brought peace and stability to its members. However, at the moment, we are doing too little to help Ukraine.

It is justified that Europe shall bear greater responsibility for its own security in the future. We need better capabilities to respond to cyber and hybrid threats and a competitive European defense industry.

Secure external borders enable free movement within them. Free trade has brought a lot of prosperity to Finns. Therefore, economic issues are also not insignificant for our sustained stability and security.

Finland is an important part of Europe, and that is why the Parliament needs decision-makers with experience, vision, and courage to tackle challenges. In difficult and good times.

Henna Virkkunen
Henna Virkkunen - Kokoomus