Henna Virkkunen ja Roberta Metsola

Guarantor of a
Free Europe

We currently face many challenges as individuals and Europeans. Our values are at risk. Europe is a beacon of freedom for people, the cradle of liberal democracy. When dark winds blow, we need unwavering decision-makers who dare to take action.

Courage to Defend Europe

European values — freedom, respect for indivisible human dignity, and democratic institutions – need defenders now. Decision-making must be based on scientific research and factual knowledge. Substantive discussion of weighed alternatives is part of democracy — but we should not let ourselves be fooled by overly simplistic answers to complex questions. We don’t have to walk the path of populism.

We need security and stability from our Europe. Strong external borders, balanced pan-European immigration policies and practices, respect for functioning institutions and individual freedoms are part of contemporary Finnish and European decision-making.

Europe must not regress into being an open-air museum, even as our population ages faster than the rest of the world. By investing in researched knowledge, innovation, and education, we can succeed and solve the pressing matters at our hands.

Finland is an important part of Europe, and that is why the Parliament needs decision-makers with experience, vision, and courage to tackle challenges. In difficult and good times.

Henna Virkkunen
Henna Virkkunen - Kokoomus